Monday, May 6, 2013

I'll Be Speaking About The DOM At ThatConferenece In August

I'm really excited to have been chosen as a speaker for this year's ThatConference conference in the Wisconsin Dells in August.  If you haven't heard of ThatConference before its billed as "Summer Camp For Geeks" and prides itself on being  a relaxed, fun, and wide-ranging conference.  It's also one of the few conferences where there are specific family friendly activities planned during the conference (being held at an indoor water park doesn't hurt in this regard).

With tracks on mobile, web, cloud, and "other" there each time slot is packed with interesting sessions from some top notch speakers.  I'm extremely honored to be amongst such amazing company.  One session I'd like to draw attention to is Mike Rohde's "Sketchnote Workshop".  I have the pleasure to work with Mike and have been through his workshop.  Even if you are a terrible drawer (like myself) you'll take away a lot of excellent information from this session.

My session is titled "Indiana Jones and the Temple of DOM" and will focus on using the browser's native Document API's to select and manipulate a page's contents without the help of a library like jQuery.  Why is this important?  Here I defer to Remy Sharp's "I know jQuery. Now What?"  TLDR, while jQuery super awesome every project doesn't need to start with immediately adding jQuery for it.  There are many cases where all of the events your project needs are already built right into the web Browser.
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