ColdFusion Koans (In Continuous Improvement)

The ColdFusion Koans are intended to help newcomers and veterans alike learn or fine-tune their ColdFusion programming skills.  This is a community driven project so everybody is welcome to contribute  new tests!

CFEvernote (In Development)

CFEvernote is a ColdFusion wrapper for the Evernote API.  CFEvernote allows you to create notes and notebooks, search notes, and view notebooks and notes.

GitHub News Filter

The GitHub news filter is a chrome extension that allows users to filter news items on their dashboard by category.   It adds a small html toolbar to the bottom of the screen with categories to filter out of your news feed.


jsonmé is a simple HTML resume generator that uses JSON as its datasource.  jsonmé parses your JSON resume's contents and formats it into a nice looking HTML page.


Envelope is a simple event driven jQuery plugin for in-app messaging that allows users to use popular UI frameworks, or to stand alone.  Envelope decouples the work of creating and displaying a message with the element or function that triggers it.


CF PB&J is a lightweight CFC that will serialize a Component's getter methods into a well encapsulated JavaScript object.  The name of the object and its getter methods will mirror those of your CFC.

Sort-N-Select jQuery Plugin
Sort-N-Select is a jQuery plugin that extends sthe jQuery UI Sortable functionality.  This plugin allows users to click on items to select and unselect them.  Selected items are brought to the top of the list, and the plugin maintains the order of the items in a separate comma separated list value in a hidden input on the form.

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