Thursday, February 2, 2012

SublimeText 2 Now Has An Official ColdFusion Package Control Package

This has been making its way around twitter lately but I wanted to share that there is now an official Package Control Package for ColdFusion.  The project is hosted on GitHub so you can either download it from there, or since its an official package now it can be installed directly from PackageControl.   If you use SublimeText and not package control you are really missing out.  Read about it here:   Installing this version over any of the TextMate bundle ports has a few advantages:

  • The package can now be managed through the "PackageControl" interface.  This means getting an update is as simple as going to Package Control -> Upgrade Package.  
  • Improved tag completion and suggestions.
  • CFScript support
  • The package is written in "Sublime Text" way meaning that some of the syntax and code completion features for ColdFusion are actually compiled into a python file wich should enhance performance. 
  • Brad has been excellent at pushing updates to the project and closing issues that come up.
If you are used to using the TextMate ports its important to note that the snippets are not stored in individual .tmSnippet files in this package.   If you like to customize your snippets you have to go into the ColdFusion.sublime-completions file and update the snippets there.   For instanceI like to remove all of the attributes that I rarely use from the cffunction tag.  If you'd like a quick reference on how the bundles work I have a screencast here:  This was done using the TextMate port package so I was editing a .tmSnippet file, but the syntax is mostly the same in the .sublime-completions file.

If you like this package please let Brad know, he's on twitter as @atomi.
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