Friday, May 10, 2013

cf.Objective() Session: An Introduction to AMD With RequireJS

AMD modules have been the subject of a lot of talk lately, some people really like them, some people hate them. Regardless, there is a lot of AMD JavaScript code being written these days and it would behoove any JavaScript developer to have a working knowledge of AMD and RequireJS in their toolbelt. Personally, what I love about AMD modules is that I don't have to worry about loading my script files in the right order in my markup, I also love that each module's dependencies are clearly defined within its source code. Writing decoupled and reusable "micro" applications within a RequireJS application becomes super easy.

The barrier of entry to AMD and RequireJS can sometimes look a bit high when first exposed to the concepts, and indeed it may be if you are still putting all your code inside your $( document ).ready() function. However, if you've been using a MV* framework, or if you've been using Rebecca Murphey's Object Pattern to organize your code, getting started with AMD will be super easy in most cases.

This session will help you get acquainted with writing AMD modules, adding RequireJS to your project, and using the R.js optimizer to optimize your RequireJS source code. After it you should have a good understanding of how powerful modular JavaScript code can be and have a good working understanding of the moving parts of a RequireJS application so you can go home and start adding RequireJS to your next project.

The best part is, if you attend my session (which is scheduled in the last time slot of the conference) there's a chance we will get to site down one-on-one and talk about Require and AMD.
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