Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Link To "JavaScript Fundamentals for ColdFusion Developers" Slides From cfObjective 2012

In case anybody comes here looking for my cfObjective presentation, here is a link to the slides:


The deck can be navigated by using the "left" and "right" arrows on your keyboard or by clicking on the left and right arrows on the presentation itself.

If you didn't attend my presentation, this deck contains a lot of code, and its all embedded and runnable within the presentation itself.  Clicking on the "Run" button in any of the slides will demonstrate the concepts being presented in your browsers console.

Notes From the cfObjective Sessions I Attended

I'd like to share the notes I took during this years cfObjective.  All the sessions I attended were excellent and I learned a lot listening to such smart people!

Building High Availability Services with Elliott Sprehn


HTTP for CF Developers with Nathan Mische


Do's & Dont's Regarding Performance with Gert Franz


CFML Mythbusters with Mark Drew


Deep Dive: ColdFusion ORM with John Whish


Writing Secure CFML with Pete Freitag


Production Ready JavaScript with Elliott Sprehn


Concurrency Zen with Marc Esher 

Marc must be such a compelling speaker that I was too focused to take notes because they really stink for this session.


Speedy Websites Through Better FrontEnd Optimizations with Peter J. Farrell

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