Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ColdFusion Koans Giveaway: Win a Copy of John Whish's ColdFusion ORM Book

With my work and school commitments I haven't been able to put as much time into the ColdFusion Koans project as I'd like to.  Instead of staying up another hour and working on it late at night I'm turning to you, the ColdFusion community to help me make the project better.  To make it worth your time I'm going to give away a digital copy of John Whish's excellent ColdFusion ORM book (http://www.coldfusionormbook.com/) to one lucky person.  If I get over 20 entries I'll give away TWO copies of the book.

There are three ways to be entered into the contest (if you complete both you'll get three entries).  The first way to enter is to download the Koans project, complete it, and post a link to a screenshot of all the tests passing into the comments of this post, make sure you subscribe to the comments so you know when I announce the winner.  The second way to enter is to add a new test or tests to the project and submit a pull request via github. The third is to write a blog post about the Koans project and post a link to the post in the comments here.

You can download the project here: https://github.com/bittersweetryan/ColdFusion-Koans.  If you'd like a quick intro to the Koans you can view a quick screencast I did here: http://blog.bittersweetryan.com/2011/11/screencast-getting-started-with.html.

I'll be drawing the winner March 1st.
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