Friday, June 15, 2012

Screencast: Contribute to the ColdFusion Koans in 3 Minutes Without Git!

You may have heard about my recent ColdFusion Koans Contribution Drive, if not I need to do a better job making noise about it!  Just to reiterate, I'm giving away TWO copies of ColdFusion builder to lucky participants.  I'm also giving away a sweet GitHub sticker to the next 8 people to add a test through GitHub.

Since GitHub may feel like a barrier to entry for some people I've created this screencast to show just how easy it is to contribute to the Koans project without even having to have git installed on your system.  GitHub has a fantastic online editor that will allow you to edit the Koans source files without actually affecting the master branch of the project.  When you edit a file online GitHub automatically will put a new copy of the project in your account where you can edit away then send me a "pull request" in two clicks!

Contribute To the ColdFusion Koans from Ryan Anklam on Vimeo.
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