Friday, September 30, 2011

New StackExchange Site: CodeReview

I'm really excited about the newest site that StackExchange has released as a beta: CodeReview ( The premise of this new site is to post code you're working on and get feedback from other developers. The best part is that its a StackExchagne site so you know that the best answers will naturally rise to the top and bad answers will get down voted so you don't need to be overly concerned about getting poor advise.

Being a developer at a smaller company means that I don't get to have my code looked at as often as I would like to and this website could be an excellent resource developers just like myself. I know that sometimes its hard for developers to share your code and hear any feedback that isn't glowing but I really believe that most of what a good developers knows is knowledge that has been passed to them from another developer. So far this site doesn't look like its getting much traffic yet so I hope that if you read this and are excited about this new site you'll also help spread the word. I'd especially love to see a lot of you ColdFusion developers on there sharing code and commenting on others.
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